Get ready for the spring selling season

The frantic spring selling season is just around the corner, meaning we’re about to see a lot more buyers and sellers coming out of the woodworks.

While the property market is influenced by a lot more than the seasons alone, it’s likely that there will be a lot of buyers out this spring looking to take advantage of recently introduced NSW government stamp duty discounts and other buying incentives.

If you’re thinking about selling and taking advantage of the extra buyer activity, it’s best to start preparing now.

The earlier you start preparing your property for sale the better as it can take several weeks to get your property in top condition and ready for sale.

Here’s what you can do to get your property ready for a spring sale:

Spring clean – A spring sale always warrants a thorough spring clean. Aim to get the property sparkling by doing all of those chores you tend to put off for most of the year such as washing down walls and windows and cleaning out the oven.

Make repairs – Aim to fix any outstanding problems at the property that can catch buyer’s attention for the all the wrong reasons. Fix up things like broken lights or leaking taps and any other issues the property may have.

Get out the paintbrush – Adding a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to make your property feel like new again. If a property hasn’t been painted in the last 2 years then it could be due for a new coat, particularly if there are lots of marks or scuffs on the walls, or quirky colours have been used.

Tidy gardens – It’s important to pay just as much attention to the outside of the property as the inside. Be sure to trim overgrown trees, fix fencing and clear paths and driveways. Plant new seasonal flowers to help add a bit of colour.

Stage the property – The right furniture and styling choices will help buyers visualise how they can use each space. Staging should never be underestimated. Buyers want to see a property at its absolute best and want to see it at its full potential.

Thinking about selling this spring and want more tips? Contact McGrath Central Tablelands on 02 6372 2584.

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