Could winter be a better time to sell than spring?

Traditional property wisdom dictates that spring is the best time of year to sell. This is mainly because properties tend to look their best in spring when the sun is out and flowers are coming into full bloom.

But while there’s no denying that spring is a great time for buyers to see a property in its best light, there can be advantages to selling at other times of the year too.

Winter is an opportune time to consider putting a property on the market simply because of the rules of supply and demand. In winter there tends to be less properties on the market but just as many buyers vying to find their perfect home.

Many sellers tend to wait until the perfect time of year to sell, whereas buyers are drawn into the property market for various reasons all year long.

Do properties look as good in winter?

One of the main concerns that sellers have in winter is that properties don’t look as appealing because gardens might not look as pretty and there may not be as much sunlight streaming through houses.

But these problems can be easily dealt with by planning early and planting seasonal flowers for winter and by choosing open home times that correspond with the optimal amount of sunlight.

You can also dress homes for winter by adding extra warm layers like rugs and throws and by highlighting that fireplace if you have one.

In truth, successful sales are made all year long, but sellers and buyers alike should consider the pros or cons to entering the property market at certain times of the year and use this knowledge to their advantage.

If you’re thinking about selling your home this winter and would like any advice, contact the Professionals Mudgee team.

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