Cost effective home improvements to tide you over until you renovate

Looking to renovate in the future but don’t have the funds yet? Want to improve how your property looks in the meantime?

There are plenty of small improvements you can make to your property that can improve its look and feel without having to go overboard.

These improvements will help make your property more liveable for the next few years while you save for any major changes.

Fresh paint – Painting is relatively inexpensive and easy to DIY. A fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior will make your property feel like new again and hide any unsightly marks or scuffs on your walls.

Revamped kitchen – You don’t need to replace your kitchen to make it look and feel like new. Consider painting your cabinets and countertop to give your kitchen a modern look. You may also like to change out old handles and the faucet for an added touch of elegance.

New floors – Got old or ugly floors that you can’t stand to look at? New vinyl floors or carpets can be bought fairly cheaply and in some cases you may be able to install them yourself to save on costs. You don’t need to look for the perfect solution, just try to find something that will last for a few years and is more attractive than the flooring you currently have.

Updated lights – We may not look up at them often but lights can still have a dramatic impact on a room. Consider switching out old lights with new statement pieces. Once you have chosen your lights you will need to hire an electrician to change the light fittings for you.

Stylish window coverings – Window treatments can make or break a room. The best window treatments blend into the background and let in the right amount of light while not compromising on privacy. Plantation shutters are a popular choice however they can be expensive. Timber venetian blinds can provide a similar look without the cost.

Want more renovating tips or advice for your home? Contact the McGrath Central Tablelands team.

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