5 home alterations that will help keep you cool this summer

As the weather starts to sizzle in Mudgee, many homeowners are probably wondering what they can do to help make their homes more tolerable in the heat.

  1. Spring for air-con

While not the cheapest option, air-conditioning systems can help keep your home cooler on even the warmest of days, and it has the bonus of being useful for heating in the colder months of the year too. Plus, air-conditioning is an investment that can help add value to your home.

If you want to keep the costs of running your air-conditioning to a minimum then try running it at 25-27 degrees Celsius on hot days, as every extra degree of cooling increases energy consumption by about five to ten per cent.

  1. Block out the sun

A lot of heat comes from sunlight entering the home so the best way to prevent this is by using shades and awnings or quality window treatments. Sunscreen curtains or blinds can be a good investment as they help filter out light and heat, whilst still allowing you to see through them so you can enjoy any views.

  1. Plant more trees

Plant trees and shrubs around your home to help add an extra layer of insulation that will help block out the sun. While you may not get instant rewards from planting some trees, as they grow you will be able to enjoy extra shade and colour around your property for years to come. 

  1. Invest in insulation

Insulation is a great option for home cooling or heating because it acts as a barrier against heat loss or gain. It can be installed in roofs and ceilings or in walls and floors. If you’re renovating anyway, it’s a good time to consider adding extra insulation to your home.

  1. Consider ceiling fans

Even if you already have air-conditioning in your home it’s well worth considering ceiling fans in living areas and bedrooms. Ceiling fans are relatively cost effective to operate and some people prefer to be cooled by a fan rather than having to have the house closed up to use air-conditioning.

Hopefully everyone has been finding ways to keep cool in Mudgee as the weather warms up, and remember if it gets too hot at home you can always head out and take a dip at the Mudgee swimming pool or visit an air-conditioned shop or café.


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