10 tips to help you prepare your home for winter

Cooler temperatures are on their way in Mudgee, meaning it’s time to prepare our homes now.

It’s always a good idea to get your home ready for winter before it gets too chilly, so you’re not struggling to keep warm once the cold has already set in.

Here are a few things to do to prepare your home for winter:

  1. Check your house for drafts – Take a close look around windows and doors to check for gaps that could be letting cold air into your house. If you find any, seal them up with caulking and weather stripping.
  1. Tune up the heater – It’s a good idea to get a technician to check on your heating system to ensure it’s clean and in good repair.
  1. 3. Clear out gutters – Blocked gutters can cause drainage issues around your home and lead to roof damage. Gutters can be at their worst in winter after all of those fallen leaves from autumn.
  1. Hold off on pruning trees – While it may seem like a good idea to prune your trees when you can see the bare branches, it’s better to wait until late-winter when plants are about to get their spring growth.
  1. Cover windows – Add big, thick curtains to windows to help your home retain heat.
  1. Get out the winter woollies – Now is the time to rummage through your closets and find your winter bedding and clothes so they are within easy reach when you need them.
  1. Check smoke alarms – Winter brings with it an increased risk in home fires, meaning it’s absolutely crucial that smoke alarms have been installed and are inspected regularly.
  1. Clean out the kitchen – Still have Easter eggs or old Christmas puddings sitting at the back of the fridge? Throw away old foods you aren’t going to eat and make room for healthy vegetables and snacks to get you through the winter months.
  1. Clear away outdoor furniture – If you don’t plan on using your outdoor furniture over winter then clean them up and either cover them or find a place to store them to keep them in good condition.
  1. Get your fireplace ready – Get a chimney specialist to inspect your fireplace and make sure that it’s free of blockages or other potential hazards. You may also want to get a head start on building up your firewood supply, remembering to keep it in a dry place not too close to the house. 

Don’t forget to follow the above tips if you’re selling too, so your home is cosy and warm and ready for buyers.

For any advice about selling your home in winter contact the Professionals Mudgee team.

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