Why it’s important to shop local in Mudgee this Christmas

With Christmas less than a week away, it’s time to make that last dash to get Christmas gifts for friends and family. If you’re still deciding what to buy then consider shopping locally and help boost the Mudgee economy while you’re at it.

It’s important that we back our local businesses whenever we can. Every dollar spent at a local business returns many times that amount to the local economy through things like employee wages, rates and the purchase of goods and materials.

Shopping locally helps reduce the global carbon footprint, as fewer goods need to be transported.

Local businesses also give back to the local community by helping to support local schools, social services and not-for-profit organisations.

Christmas is an important time for many local businesses as it can provide a vital injection of cash and a confidence boost too.

You can find some truly unique items locally. There is a whole range of local products that are one of a kind and can’t be found online or anywhere else.

Mudgee Money Gift Cards

For those not sure of what gifts to buy their loved ones, Mudgee Money provides a fantastic solution.

The gift card program encourages people to shop local in the Mid Western region by locking dollars into being spent at local participating stores. This keeps money in our economy and ultimately benefits our community.

Mudgee Money works much like any other gift card. The purchaser can choose the amount the card will be worth and then they can give it to someone as a gift.

The Mudgee Money Gift Card can be used at any “Redemption” store’s configured EFTPOS facility in the Mid Western Region.

So why not make this Christmas a merry one for local businesses and choose to shop local.

For more information visit www.mudgeebusiness.com.au.

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