It will pay to recycle in Mudgee

From December 2017, Mudgee residents will be able to earn money from recycling.

The NSW Government has committed to the new Return and Earn 10c container deposit scheme, similar to the existing scheme in SA and NT, allowing residents to earn money from recycling.

More than 500 collection points including 800 reverse vending machines, a first for Australia, will open across NSW and Mudgee is on the rollout map.

The scheme is aimed at reducing containers most commonly used outside of the home and found in the litter stream. The scheme will cover most drink containers between 150 millilitres and 3 litres that display a NSW CDS label. Drink containers usually consumed at home, such as milk and wine bottles, won’t be covered by the scheme and should be recycled using the region’s kerbside collection system.

Eligible containers can still be placed in kerbside collections, with the 10c refund being shared between the council and the waste facility.

The South Australian container deposit scheme has been a huge success, resulting in an 80% return rate of containers. It has also helped charities and community groups collectively raise millions of dollars through clean up projects.

It’s forecasted that Return and Earn will have a similar success in NSW and offer a great fundraising opportunity for local charity organisations.

Visit to find out more about the scheme.



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