Cherry season is almost here!

The festive season is almost here and in Mudgee that means that it’s almost time for cherry picking season too.

Every year the Roth Family Orchard opens to the public, allowing visitors to pick their own cherries fresh from the tree.

They will be opening their orchard on the weekend mornings of December 9-10 and December 16-17.

There will possibly be further weekends planned depending on how the season plays out.

Roth’s cherries are a favourite of locals due to their delicious flavour. With 7,000 trees and five varieties, there are plenty of cherries to go around. Plus, picking makes for a fun day out for the whole family.

Each cherry variety has its own unique flavour and timing. The Sambas are the first to ripen with their big size and punchy flavour followed by the sweet, black Rons, the tasty red Vans, the firm, dark Black Stars and lastly the full flavoured Simones.

How to plan your visit

If you’re planning to go and pick your cherries then be sure to turn up in the morning, before the heat of the day. Cooler fruit will stay fresh for longer.

The farm will be open from 7:30am to 1pm.

Bring along something to take your cherries home in and something to keep them cool in if you’re travelling a long way home. An esky is a great option, however boxes will be available to purchase.

Those who don’t want to pick their own cherries can pick up ready-packed cherries for sale.

Entry to the orchard costs just $5 for adult entry (kids are free) and cherries are $6 per kilogram.

You can find Roth Family Orchard at 108 Eurunderee Lane in Mudgee.

Visit to stay up to date with opening weekends as they can change depending on weather conditions.

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