A look at the average person living in the Mid-Western region

The results from the 2016 Census are in and it’s revealed what the average person in the Mid-Western region person living in the Mid-Western region is like.

According to the Census results, which are based on everyone who was in the Mid-Western Local Government Area on Census night in August 2016, there are 24,076 living in the region.

The average person living in the Mid-Western region is a little older than the rest of the country, being 42 years compared to 38 for the rest of Australia.

Each household in the region has an average of 2.4 people living in it with a median weekly household income of $1,131.

The median monthly mortgage repayment is $1,690 and the median weekly rent is $270. This is less than the average Australian is paying, which is $1,755 a month on their mortgage and $335 for weekly rent.

More people in the Mid-Western region live in houses (91.4 per cent) compared to the state (66.4 per cent) or national average (72.9 per cent). There are a higher proportion of people living in high-density buildings such as townhouses, apartments and flats in the rest of the country.

The Census data also shows us that 48.4 per cent of us are married, while 31 per cent of people have never married.

The majority of people living in the Mid-Western region were born in Australia (81.2 per cent), with a small percentage of people hailing from England (2.3 per cent), followed by New Zealand (1 per cent) and Philippines, Germany and South Africa (each at 0.3 per cent).

Employment data from the 2016 Census has yet to be released, however the majority of us are doing our bit to help around the house, with most reporting to do at least 5 hours of unpaid domestic work per week. A quarter of us worked 5 to 14 hours, 13.3 per cent worked 15 to 29 hours and 12.2 per cent worked 30 hours or more, above the state and national average of 9 per cent.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what the average person in the Mid-Western region is like visit www.censusdata.abs.gov.au.

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