5 ways to freshen up an older property

Mudgee is home to some beautiful old properties, but as with any property if they’re not kept well maintained they start to look tired over time.

But don’t be deterred from an older property just because it needs a little bit of work. Often times you only need to make a couple of small changes to an older home to make it feel like new again.

To make your home feel like it was built just yesterday, here are some ideas:

  1. Get out the paintbrush

There’s no denying that paint can completely transform a room or a property’s exterior. Painting is a relatively easy way to freshen up an older home and one of the best things about it is that it’s easy for a lot of people to do themselves.

Interior design magazines and blogs are a great place to get paint colour inspiration, just make sure you factor in the amount if lighting in the room and the colour of any existing fixtures.

  1. Updates the floors

If a property still has shagpile carpet from the 70s then it’s definitely time to look at an upgrade.

Some older homes have beautiful hardwood floorboards waiting to discovered, and with a sand and polish will look like new. If not, there are lots of inexpensive flooring options that can look great, whether its tiles, laminate or carpet.

  1. Bring the property into the 21st century

Some properties just need a couple of new appliances or fixtures to make them more comfortable for modern day living.

Air-conditioning is a good place to start, but some other popular mod cons include sensor lighting, home alarm systems, automatic gates and solar panels.

  1. Refinish the kitchen and bathroom 

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the first places to show their age, but they can also be quite expensive to completely replace.

A quicker and cheaper option it to get all of the surfaces, including cabinets, vanities and bathtubs, refinished in a new colour.

This can be a DIY job, but will often look best if you bring in a professional to do the hard work for you. 

  1. Accentuate what makes the home unique

Celebrate the history of your home by letting some of its older features shine. If you home still has ceiling roses, ornate cornices, picture rails or antique fireplaces then hold onto these and make them a real feature of your home.

It’s the character and charm that most people love about an older home, so keep this in mind when renovating.

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