What home features will buyers pay extra for?

Wondering what home improvements you can make to help attract homebuyers?

Well you might not have to wonder any longer, with a survey from comparison website finder.com.au revealing the 10 most popular home improvements for Australians, and they might not be what you would expect.

While swimming pools and built-in barbecues are still desirable features for some, it was air-conditioning that topped the list of home improvements.

Of the survey’s 1,043 respondents, 65 per cent believed that air-conditioning was the most desirable property feature, closely followed by a carport or garage at 60 per cent.

A backyard (52 per cent), solar panels (33 per cent) and outdoor entertaining area (24 per cent) were also found to be popular on the home improvement list.

According to Bessie Hassan, consumer advocate at finder.com.au, the more demand there is for a feature, the more value it will add to a property.

“A home needs to have air conditioning, a backyard and off-street parking to command big bucks these days,” she says.

“Australians have become more accustomed to air conditioning and plenty of people now see it as vital. It’s pretty common in some parts of the country to get temperatures in the late 30s and buyers are prepared to contribute more if it means keeping cool at home.”

After the hot summer we’ve had in Mudgee, we’re sure that many homeowners will be considering installing air-conditioning in their homes before next summer.

However, before you go to make any home improvements to your property to help it sell, it’s always worth asking for advice first so you don’t overcapitalise.

With something like air-conditioning, it may not have the big price impact on your property that you would expect, especially as we’re coming into the warmer months where homebuyers might be more concerned about keeping the house warm.

So before you go to make home improvements to sell, give us a call at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate and have a chat about which home improvements will add the most value to your home – because every property is different and might require different improvements to help it sell.

The 10 most popular home improvements, according to finder.com.au:

  • Air conditioning (65 per cent)
  • Carport / garage (60 per cent)
  • Garden / backyard (52 per cent)
  • Solar panels (33 per cent)
  • Deck / pergola (24 per cent)
  • Dishwasher (17 per cent)
  • Swimming pool (17 per cent)
  • Built-in BBQ (4 per cent)
  • Water feature (2 per cent)
  • Garden gnomes (2 per cent)

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