Explore Mudgee’s Natural Wonders

Lots of people are expected to make their way to Mudgee this week to enjoy all of our amazing food and local produce as part of this year’s Mudgee Wine and Food Festival.

Mudgee’s cafes and wineries will be packed over the next couple of weeks, and rightly so, but hopefully visitors will also take the time to explore some of our natural wonders while they’re in town.

A few of our favourite local spots are:

The Drip

The Great Dripping Wall is a huge sandstone formation with a massive overhang from which droplets of spring water seep through and fall into the pools below. The Drip is a fascinating spot and a great place to go for bushwalking, swimming, camping and photography.

Hands on Rock 

Not too far from the Drip is Hands on Rock, an aboriginal art rock site. Before European settlement this was an important historical area for indigenous people and it’s believed to have once been a trade route from the coast to the inland.

This is a beautiful area, with lots of local wildlife around. If you’re lucky you might be able to spot a kangaroo, wombat, emu, or goanna or many other interesting creatures.

Dunns Swamp (Ganguddy)

A local haven for picnickers, canoeists, bushwalkers and campers, this spot contains extensive areas of natural bushland with magnificent pagoda rock formations, aboriginal art and caves.

Dunns Swamp is about a 1-hour drive from Mudgee, but it is well worth the excursion.

Putta Bucca Wetlands

It’s hard to believe that the Putta Bucca Wetlands are just a few years old. The site, which used to be a quarry, has been revitalised and is now one of the top 100 bird-watching spots in Australia. Best of all it’s not too far to travel from the centre of town.

Of course we have just touched the surface of all of the natural wonders that can be found in the Mudgee region and if you have a favourite place to visit then we’d love to hear it.

Also if you’re in town at the moment then don’t forget to check out all that the Mudgee Wine and Food Festival has to offer. You can find all details about the festival at www.mudgeewine.com.au.

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