Back to school time in Mudgee

Students all over the Mudgee region are heading back to school this week in what is no doubt an exciting time for the whole family, although we know it can also be a very stressful time too.

Starting the school year can be daunting for families, particularly when kids are just starting out in primary school or high school, as it means the start of a new routine and a lot of questions about what is expected of the new students.

If you find yourself in that stressed-out group of parents and would like some advice for sending your child to school, then it might be helpful to check out a website called ‘School A to Z’ which offers practical tips for parents with school aged kids.

The website offers information on things like uniforms, school lunches, sun safety, school term dates and curriculums. There is also a checklist for getting students ready for going back to school and study and homework tips.

We definitely think that the website is a great resource for parents and worth a read if you have any school-related questions.

If you require any extra assistance you can also call the Back-to-School Hotline on 1300 738 338, which operates between 8:30am and 4:30pm weekdays until Friday, February 13.

Mudgee parents may also like to check out the Back to School tips that we have posted about on the I Love Mudgee blog previously, including: Back To School Tips For Mudgee Families; and Back To School Tips – Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

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