Time to talk health at Fairview Artspace

In winter we all tend to indulge a little more and say goodbye to our diets and fitness routines, however if you’re looking to get back on the healthy bandwagon then you might be interested in attending one of a series of health talks at Mudgee’s Fairview Artspace.

Health coach Karyn Hobbs will be running the talks and offering advice to help attendees follow and maintain their health journey. The talks will also include recipes from Helen at the café.

The talks and dates are as below:

  • Monday 10 August – 130pm Eating for energy
  • Monday 10 August – 6pm Thyroid
  • Monday 7 September – 130pm Weigh Less Live More
  • Monday 7 September – 6pm Depression

The talks will be strictly for 10 participants so that there are opportunities for individual questions and open conversation in the group, so if you want to attend then you will need to book ahead.

Cost is $20 per person or $60 for 4 sessions booked at once. Talks will run for an hour, with an additional ½ hour for questions and discussion.

If you’re interested in attending or would like to find out more then email info@fairviewartspace.com or phone 0263722850 / 0438242872. You can also find Fairview Artspace online at www.fairviewartspace.com.


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