Thinking about making a tree-change to Mudgee?

Now that the Mudgee to Sydney flight service has returned, it might serve as an ideal time for city slickers to consider making the dream of a tree change come true.

Strong selling conditions in Sydney could provide tree-changers with a lot of purchasing power if they decide to sell up and make the move to Mudgee.

The median property price in Sydney is set to soar above $1 million by the end of the year, whereas in Mudgee you could afford to buy around 4 houses for that price and there is a good chance they would all be bigger and more modern properties too. Brand new homes in Mudgee can be found for around the $350,000 mark.

Even if you own a home in Sydney that won’t fetch a million dollar price tag, with the average price in May 2015 for a house in Mudgee being just $376,000, many Sydneysiders would be afford to sell their home in the city and buy in the country with money to spare.

Obviously making the move from the city to the country is a big decision to make, and there is always careers to consider, but there is plenty of jobs available in Mudgee and with many office workers in Sydney now able to work-from-home or only having to travel to work for a couple of days a week, a country escape to Mudgee is definitely an option worth considering.

One of the biggest problems with making a move so far away is that you may not be familiar with the local property market, so it’s important that you research the area and think about things like whether you want to live near the centre of town or would prefer to live further out on a large acreage property. You may also like to read some of the articles on the I Love Mudgee blog to find out a bit about Mudgee and what it’s like to live here.

If you’re interested in making a tree change to Mudgee whether it’s from Sydney or anywhere else then feel free to get in touch with one of our buying team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate, we’d be happy to help you find your ideal country escape.

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