Aussie Pickers Looking for Treasure in Mudgee

declutteringA TV show called Aussie Pickers could be heading to Mudgee this year to take a look inside our backyards and sheds to see if they can uncover any hidden treasures.

If you haven’t got Foxtel in your home then you may not have heard of Aussie Pickers – it’s based on American Pickers, where professional “pickers” visit homes around the country scouring for weird and wonderful objects that might just be worth a lot more than what they seem.

The show is now in its second season in Australia and it wants to head to Mudgee to see if it can turn our trash into someone else’s treasure! The show is calling out to any locals who think that they might have an interesting collection or old relic that could be filmed for the show.

If you think you might have some hidden relics somewhere in your home and you don’t mind a couple of pickers rummaging through your things to find them, then you can email the details of your collection to or you can call 9413 8820.

If you want to learn more about the Aussie Pickers show you can head over to

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