What Did We Learn From The Block Sky High Finale?

The Block sky high 1*spoiler alert*

For those who were following this season of The Block, Sunday night’s auction results may not have come as a huge shock to you.  All five apartments were spacious, stunning, and choc-a-block full of state-of-the-art inclusions.  It’s little wonder all five couples walked away with a very tidy profit.

For those who haven’t caught up on last night’s results, and are happy to read spoilers, the auction results were as follows:

Winner – Level 1 – Alisa & Lysandra. Sale price $1.435 million.  Profit $295,000

2nd – Level 4 (sub-penthouse) – Madi & Jarrod. Sale price $1.601 million. Profit $291,000

3rd – Level 2 – Matt & Kim.  Sale price $1.455 million.  Profit $250,000

4th – Level 3 – Bec & George. Sale price $ 1.507 million. Profit $242,000

5th – Level 5 (penthouse) – Trixie & Johnno.  Sale price $1.605 million. Profit $205,000

So what was the difference between each level, and what can we take away from Sunday’s auction results?

The twins were favourites from very early on in the series, and having won the most number of room reveals throughout the series as well as winning $20K off their reserve price, it’s easy to understand why.  In fact, Alisa and Lysandra created such beautiful spaces the judges twice commented that their ideas, styling and finishes were so fantastic they needed to take this up as a career.

The sisters became known as the queens of bathrooms as they dominated the bathroom room reveals, and their final week kitchen scoring them a perfect 10/10 from all three judges proved they were also the queens of kitchens.  It’s no secret, a house with a well presented kitchen and bathroom has the ability to create the impression of luxury and ‘WOW’ potential buyers.  They’re potentially the two most important areas in a house, as improvements made to a bathroom and kitchen can have a dramatic affect on buyers’ perceptions of a house, as well as bank valuations for those looking to refinance.

If you’re hoping to make the most from your Mudgee house sale but don’t have the budget to do a full kitchen and bathroom update, make sure you check out the 4 ‘P’s to selling your Mudgee home.  There are plenty of tips to help you make the most of your Mudgee property, and help it to reach the highest possible sale price.

If money was no object, which Block apartment would you have chosen to buy?

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