Property Versus Shares

dollar lightbulbNaturally our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team live and breathe the property industry, so when it comes to investing we have a clear favourite.  However, we’re going to remain as objective as possible to make sure we give you the facts about making the best return on your investment.

Yes cash is a safe haven, but the drawback with cash is it’s never going to give you a lot of growth.  If you’re merely ‘saving’ this may be a good choice for you, but if you want serious bang for your buck, you’ll need to delve further into other investment options.

So it really boils down to property versus shares.

Traditionally the best portfolios have been balanced ones; however, recent times have seen shares (albeit with much lower buying, holding and selling costs) become a lot more volatile than real estate.  Millions of Aussies have been burnt by investment and Superannuation losses in recent years, but if you ignore property and shares, you are only ever going to have low-income cash investments where the value of your initial dollar gets continually eroded by inflation.

With any investment strategy it is vital that you have the ability to sleep at night when volatility strikes and an investment timeframe that lets you ride out future storms.  NSW property gross returns were in the range of 6 to 7% for investment properties in 2012, which is quite significant considering recent re-adjustments in rental returns.

We believe that now is the perfect time for any Mudgee locals considering their investment future to strongly consider investing in your own backyard with Mudgee real estate. Recent years have seen strong growth in rental returns and steady improvement in property prices leading to Mudgee being recognised as a “Property Hot Spot” for professional property investors. With a number of large projects set to take off, there is still plenty of opportunity if you are yet to get into the local investment market.

We would love to hear your thoughts on property v shares – which do you believe is the greater investment?

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