If you know anyone selling in Mudgee, please share this post!

facebook-share-buttonI have good news.  If you’re thinking of selling your Mudgee home, but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.  In fact, if you’re about to list your home for sale and feel one hundred percent prepared and on top of everything, you probably are on your own.  Most people we meet who are thinking of selling are full of nerves and worries – will the house sell; will we get the price we want; how long will it take?

We thought we’d put together a few basic ‘troubleshooting’ ideas to help get your preparation started.  Now it’s not brain surgery, but these may be things you simply haven’t thought about, or don’t realise the importance of.  As people who work in the industry and are speaking with buyers every day, let us tell you – they are vital!

  • Get your price right from the start.  Yes, we understand the temptation is there to reach for the stars, it’s in our nature to be optimistic, and we ALWAYS believe our house is the best around.  But there’s a very simple pricing rule that unfortunately has absolutely nothing to do with you – a house (any house) is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.  It is absolutely possible that 18 months ago you received a valuation that was $50,000 higher, and yes, if somebody is as attached to the house as you are they may be willing to spend more than market value.  Unfortunately none of that matters if the buyers viewing your home have done their research and are only prepared to pay what your house is worth in the current market, and only they can decide what that will be.
  • Don’t fear technology.  When choosing a Mudgee real estate agent there are many considerations.  You may want to make sure they’re suitably qualified, experienced, use quality marketing practices, and are friendly and easy to chat to.  All of these are great reasons.  We just have one more thing to add to your agent checklist – make sure they’re tech-savvy!  Choosing an agent who does not use social media to engage with their community may put you at risk of missing those buyers who are building relationships with agents online.  Whatever your personal opinion is of Facebook, just remember that it reaches 97% of social network users.
  • You need to make a big effort.  Your agent can bring through all the buyers in the world in one day, but if your home is a cluttered mess, chances are it’ll still be yours by the end of it.  You need to get your hands dirty; de-clutter, make repairs, paint, scrub, style and polish!   Every effort will result in a more positive inspection, and every inspection is crucial… the next one may just be the new owner of your home.

If you know of anyone selling in Mudgee or the surrounding area, please do them a favour and share this post.  At Professionals Mudgee Real Estate we’d love all Mudgee home owners to feel as confident as possible before their ‘For Sale’ sign goes up.


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