How safe is your Mudgee home?

hand hold houseIt seems that accidents in the home are now causing far more people to head into hospital than road accidents.  We all know how much media attention and policing is focused on the road toll each year, and even more so during holiday seasons – and rightly so.  But just how much attention do we pay to ensuring our safety behind our own closed doors?

Here are a few simply safety tip to keep your home, and your family, as safe as possible while indoors:

  • Move all beds away from the windows.
  • Move mirrors and heavy pictures away from couches or places where people sit.
  • Store heavy items on the lowest shelves.
  • Keep pool fences locked with child-proof locks, and keep items secured away from the fence that small children could potentially use as a ladder.
  • Install smoke detectors on each level of your home and change their batteries every 6 months.
  • Clear all hallways and doors for easy evacuation.
  • When having repairs or home maintenance completed at your house, make sure you use a reputable and fully qualified tradesperson.
  • Be sure your home number is visible from the street so emergency vehicles can find you without delay.

When buying Mudgee real estate, be sure to have an independent building inspection completed of the home first.  Whether you decide to go ahead with the purchase or not, this will at least ensure that you don’t uncover hidden dangers after you’ve moved in.

If you’d like to work out just how safe your home is, please read the Royal Children’s Hospital Home safety Checklist here.


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