Your children will love Mudgee’s Playgroups!

Playgroup childrenWith so many new families moving to Mudgee we thought we’d share a little about the importance of play and see who wants to get involved in Playgroup Week.  Playgroup Week runs nationally every year, and in 2013 will be running from March 17 to 24.

For those with young children, Playgroups across the country are fantastic places for your child to socialise and play in a relaxed, supervised environment.  Playgroups are usually run by parents from the community, and include low cost activities such as music and singing, imaginative play, outdoor and free play, art and craft activities, and occasionally child-friendly outings.

Playgroups are generally suitable for children from 0-5 years, with a selection of activities on offer designed to meet the varying needs of each age group.  By joining your nearest Playgroup, your children will undoubtedly benefit from the sensory and social play on offer.

Benefits of Mudgee Playgroups are that children will:

  • Participate in new experiences
  • Develop and increase their social skills
  • Learn sharing, co-operation and simple routines
  • Interact with other adults and children in a safe environment
  • Enjoy learning more about their world

Don’t forget parents and caregivers stay at Playgroup too, so this is a great chance for you to make some new friends while enjoying time with your child.  If you’ve recently moved to Mudgee, or are feeling a little alone or isolated since having your baby, Playgroup might be just what you need to start making new friends and enjoying time with like-minded adults again.

For more information about Mudgee Playgroups, please visit

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