Who will you vote for in the election?

voteWe’re sure all Mudgee residents are well aware by now, but in case you’ve been away from the TV, internet and newspaper stand, the election has been called.  On September 7 the Australian public will come together in local booths across the country to have their say about who should lead our country for the next three years.

We know that politics is one of those topics that can cause heated debate between friends.  Many people feel passionately about a side of politics, or particular policies and issues.  It’s a topic rarely brought up at parties for that very reason.  It seems many people have an opinion, and most are in the process of choosing which political party they feel best aligns with their own values.

At this stage there are two declared candidates for the Mudgee electorate of Parkes:

We encourage all Mudgee residents to read up on the two candidates, and any independents who join the race, to make sure you vote for the member most likely to keep Mudgee thriving.

But what’s the point if you’re not enrolled to vote?  We all know that voting is compulsory for every Australian aged 18 years or over.  But more importantly, this is a chance for all Mudgee residents to have their say.  Whether you’ve recently turned 18 and have not yet registered to vote, or you’ve moved to Mudgee or changed your name and need to update your details, now’s the time.

The deadline is fast looming to register to vote, or update your details on the electoral roll.  If you need to update your address, change your name, enrol to vote, or simply check your enrolment, you have until 8pm on Monday 12 August.  It’s never been easier.  Simply click across to http://www.aec.gov.au/ and make the necessary changes now.  In just a few minutes you’ll be ready to vote!

Do you know who you will be voting for this September?

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