The Mudgee Project Revealed!

Unveiling new product

For those Mudgee residents and admirers who heeded our advice and have been following The Mudgee Project, the final image is ready to be revealed – in fact, all 52 images are ready for viewing this Friday night!

If you’ve somehow missed The Mudgee Project, local photographer Amber Hooper has been capturing one image each week for the past 12 months of everything ‘Mudgee’.  Some recent additions have been Mudgee Town Clock,  The Shearing Shed, Autumn Vines, Under The Milky Way, Silos, and Town Centre.  The Mudgee Project is now sitting at Image 51, awaiting the arrival of the final 52nd photograph which will be unveiled at the sensational exhibition opening night this Friday.  If you’re looking for a stunning piece of artwork to set off your home, all 52 images will also be available for sale at the exhibition.

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team have been following The Mudgee Project with much excitement over the past year, and we’d love to see all our Mudgee friends making their way to the opening night this Friday at The Stables from 7pm to celebrate Amber’s sensational work, and revel in the beauty of all 52 gorgeous Mudgee images.

Please share this with all your Mudgee friends and make sure we give The Mudgee Project the crowd it deserves!

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