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Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team are long time advocates that Mudgee is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it seems we can now all share in its charms each week simply by subscribing to ‘The Mudgee Project’.

The Mudgee Project promises to publish one photo of Mudgee per week for a whole year, leaving us with 52 absolutely sensational images.  Our team are subscribers, and have been blown away by the images being captured.   Rather than merely snapping nice angles of pretty landscapes, The Mudgee Project consistently captures images that reveal the true heart of Mudgee, from wine barrels at Robert Stein Winery & Vineyard to a full action shot at the Mudgee Rodeo, and of course the Mudgee Races and Mudfest.  If there’s an event in Mudgee, Amber from The Mudgee Project will capture it and post it up for all to enjoy and share.

For your weekly dose of all things wonderful about Mudgee, please subscribe to, or follow their stunning work on Facebook.

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team would love to see more images of our gorgeous region flooding the internet.  If you’re out and about in Mudgee or at a Mudgee event and would like to send us your favourite snap, please post them on our ‘I Love Mudgee’ Facebook page or send them to Adam Woods at and we’ll happily post them up for you.


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