Mudgee residents, how do you feel about being ‘sold’ to on Facebook?

UnfriendWhen you log on to your Facebook page, what are you hoping to see?  Are you the type of Facebook user who is regularly updating statuses, checking-in to Mudgee restaurants and sharing photos of your day?  Do you get hooked on Facebook games or in group chats?  Or, do you have a quick scroll through your news feed for a snap shot of what’s going on in your friends’ lives, and then log out again for another day?   We probably all head to Faceboook for different reasons at different times, but what we’d like to know is, do you ever enjoy being ‘sold to’ on Facebook?

Lately we’ve noticed a lot of real estate agents – although we’re sure the issue stretches far beyond our industry – selling properties on social media.  Providing Facebook rules are complied with, if you can fit a fantastic sales pitch into 140 characters or less then the general rule of thumb seems to be ‘good luck to you’.  However, we do wonder whether Facebook users appreciate the property listings filling their news feeds.  In some ways we feel it defeats the purpose of social media, which we always thought was about making connections with people, rather than forcing products onto people.  It almost seems to be the Facebook version of telemarketing – “Just in case you haven’t found this product (because you weren’t looking for it), we thought we’d bring it to you.”

Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate  team would like to throw this open to you.  What are your thoughts about being sold to on Facebook?  Are you happy to be kept in the loop of new products/properties for sale via your Facebook news feed, or would you prefer to keep social media for socialising and do your buying elsewhere?  Please join the discussion.

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