How important are our region’s medical facilities to your family?

medicalGulgong doctors have come together and proposed to the Mid- Western Regional Council that they consider buying the Gulgong Medical Centre in Mayne Street.  Gulgong HealthOne is currently the only facility available nearby, and as it’s a relatively small practise with only 2 consulting rooms, and is located 1.3kms from the town centre, doctors believe it’s not convenient or large enough to sufficiently care for the whole Gulgong community.

Should the council purchase the Gulgong Medical Centre, the doctors have proposed that it could be leased back to Dr Alseneid who would also manage the practice.  With three large consulting rooms, a purpose built waiting area and treatment room, our Professionals Mudgee Real estate team think the centrally located medical centre would be a great asset to Gulgong.

Would you like to see the Mid-Western Regional Council purchase the Gulgong Medical Centre?

Let us know your thoughts.

One thought on “How important are our region’s medical facilities to your family?

  1. Harriet Wright

    As the local pharmacist I would definitely have to declare a conflict of interest here, but I would support wholeheartedly the purchase of the local practice building by Council. Gulgong has suffered the uncertainty of medical support issues for too long and it would be wonderful for the community to feel that there is some stability and support for this very important community issue.
    Although the HealthOne is a wonderful facility, I understand the limitations that it has in terms of local practice. From my experience of our community medical requirements we would benefit from at least two more full time GP’s in Gulgong as well as the current 1.5 GP’s working in the town.
    I would wholeheartedly support the Council in purchasing the Gulgong Medical Centre and would be happy to discuss this further with any Council members who have questions.
    Thank you
    Harriet Wright


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