Have you registered your Mudgee pool?

pool 1Last year water safety hit the headlines as Royal Life Saving Society Australia called for compulsory swimming lessons for all Australian primary school children.  It seems the NSW has gone one step further to ensure the safety of our children, and created new laws in the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012.

The new laws ask all NSW residents to register their swimming pool.  We know many of our Mudgee residents have fantastic backyard pools, so we want to make sure you’re all aware that now is the time to register yours.  In fact, you have until the 29th of October to register, but we encourage you to get on the front foot and register yours today because if it slips your mind penalties will apply.

When registering your Mudgee pool you’ll need to indicate whether you believe (to the best of your knowledge) that your swimming pool complies with all safety standards.  If this is not the case we’d urge you to rectify any issues well before the due date for registration.

To make life easy, the NSW Government have created an online registration form, so you needn’t bother with phone calls or paperwork.  Simply click over to http://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/ and register your swimming pool and/or spa today to avoid penalties and ensure your own peace of mind.

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