Who has the final say in your household?

Couple-talkingAccording to Census data as well as a recent survey of industry leaders, women are fast becoming the key decision makers when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Australia.  It seems that women have overtaken men in home ownership, and according to many industry experts, it’s women who tend to have the final say when it comes to choosing the next home for their family.

According to those surveyed, men will typically have a few items on their wish list, such as a shed, deck or double garage, while women tend to form an emotional connection with a house and fall in love with the lifestyle it offers.   They seem to come at it from very different perspectives, and it appears more often than not it’s the emotional connection that wins.

But just how accurate is this research?  Do these opinions really reflect what is going on behind closed doors in your Mudgee home?  When it comes to the big decisions – whether it’s buying or selling Mudgee real estate, choosing the right school for your child, planning your next holiday or a job move – who typically has the final say?

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