What’s more important when it comes to Mudgee real estate, style or substance?

Bathroom StagingLast night’s episode of ‘The Block’ has raised another interesting question, which we thought may help those currently renovating or thinking of selling their Mudgee home… What’s the most important thing for you when looking for a new home?

Last night’s ‘The Block’ episode saw two couples running so low on money they’re being forced to make some very tough decisions.  Should they spend their remaining money on additional storage for the house or attractive furniture?  What are buyers looking for?  Is presentation more important on Auction Day than the actual nuts and bolts of the house?

When speaking with Mudgee home owners about preparing their houses for sale we always advise to present the house at its best for inspection, and we will happily suggest staging tips.  Of course presentation matters!  From attractive photos on the internet to a stunningly decorated home at inspection, we find that buyers will more likely pay more for a home they fall in love with, and they’re more likely to fall in love with a home that they can see themselves living happily in.  A messy, unclean, cluttered or unusually decorated home can hinder this.

But what is ultimately more important when selling Mudgee real estate – style or substance?

We thought we’d throw this question open to you.  Whether you’ve bought a home, are buying a house, or have searched for a Mudgee rental property, chances are you know what you want.  Is it a spacious kitchen, great outdoor entertaining area, large bedrooms, ensuite bathroom, storage space, or something more cosmetic like stylish paint colours or the right floorboards or carpets?  There are no right or wrong answers, but we’d love to hear your thoughts… What do you look for when searching for a new house?

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