What does your Mudgee dream home look like?

dream home 1According to a recent survey in the US, there seems to be quite a big difference between what baby boomers deem a dream home, the wish list of Generation X, and the perfect pad for Generation Y.  This got us thinking about what our Mudgee house hunters typically have on their shopping lists, and whether they fit the same mould as those surveyed.

According to the research, baby boomers name a state-of the art kitchen as their top priority when searching for a dream home.  They also rate large walk in wardrobes, spa baths, fireplace, swimming pool and a workshop/studio room very highly.  Generation X also lists state-of-the-art kitchen as their top priority; however, they rate patios, porches and decks over a workshop.  Generation X also voted for a home gym in place of the baby boomer’s desire for a high tech entertainment centre.  Generation Y’s first priority is a spa bath, with state-of-the-art kitchen dropping down to the lowly ranking of number six on their list.  Gen Y also favours a sauna/steam room over a garden, preferred by the older generations, and while they ranked a swimming pool as their second priority, patios, porches and decks dropped to tenth place on their list.  A home gym also featured on the list of Gen Y, who managed to rate all active lifestyle features more highly than Generation X or the baby boomers.

When combing through these results, how does your wish list stack up?  Do your tastes match those of your generation according to this US survey, or do you think you’d slip more comfortably into the dream home of another generation?

What’s at the top of your Mudgee house hunting wish list?

One thought on “What does your Mudgee dream home look like?

  1. Sue Mclean

    My Mudgee dream home would be a little out of town. It would not need to be large, but air-conditioned and with a spacious living area and kitchen. My Mudgee dream home would have a cottage garden, perhaps some chickens and a sheep or two. There would be lots of trees surrounding the house. I would like a large pantry and a renovated bathroom. Perhaps a verandah with some old lazy chairs to read the paper in.


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