Want To Get Fit In Mudgee?

Most of us lead very busy lives these days, and so it can be very hard trying to fit in time for fitness and health activities along with all of our other commitments.  Our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team have spoken with several Mudgee residents this week, and it seems that a popular New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to find the time for more exercise and beat the buldge.

In Mudgee though we have little excuse not to stay in shape as we have a number of gyms and parks nearby that provide us with the perfect opportunity to pound the pavement, walking trail or treadmill.

A few of the popular gyms that are used by a lot of Mudgee residents are Countryfit Health and Fitness, Curves (women only), and Anytime Fitness. These gyms typically offer their members workout classes and all of the facilities you would expect to find in any top of the range fitness centre.

If you don’t want to spend money on a gym, or you simply prefer getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, then how about taking advantage of our region’s beautiful parks and scenic areas? There are plenty of places to go for walks, runs and bike rides, and not only do you have the chance to get outdoors in the fresh air but you get to make the most of Mudgee’s most beautiful streets and areas.

If you want to track your walks in the area there are a number of websites you can use to track your distance such as mapmywalk.com or www.gmap-pedometer.com. These websites can help you track your walking distance or you can discover existing routes made by other locals.

If you know of any Mudgee walking groups or outdoor fitness classes, please share them here.  We’d love to build a list of worthwhile workouts for Mudgee residents.

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