Top tips for saving on energy bills

dollar lightbulbThere’s been a lot of talk about the ‘cost of living’ lately, so our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate team thought we’d share a few of our own cost-cutting ideas.  Naturally there are lots of ways to save on your energy bills, but we’re not sure if people realise just how easily this can be done.  It’s like preparing a family budget – the idea might sound difficult, but it’s actually incredibly straight froward, and once it’s done you’ll reap the benefits of saving extra cash!

So here two of our top tips for saving on your next energy bill:

  1. Switch your lights off.  It doesn’t get much simpler really.  If you’re leaving a room or area of your house, and you’re using incandescent, halogen or LED lights, turn them off.  This is because the amount of energy used to keep them running outweighs any other factor, and turning them off will save you money.  However, if you’re using CFL lights a general rule of thumb is that if you’re leaving a room for less than 15 minutes don’t bother turning them off.  If you’ll be gone for longer than 15 minutes, do.  This is because their efficiency is outweighed by the impact on the life of a CFL bulb by switching it on or off.
  2. As a second part to point 1, we urge you to let the natural light in.  Even in the depths of winter, most houses will be sufficiently lit during the day if all curtains and blinds are opened.  While closed curtains may keep the warmth in, and may be your preferred option at night, you’re unlikely to suffer from a huge loss of heat by opening things up and letting in the sunshine during the day.  If you do feel a loss of heat, it may be worth adding a layer of clothing during the day.

Okay, so saving energy isn’t brain surgery… so why aren’t we all doing more of it?  Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate encourage all Mudgee residents to have their own light bulb moment and consider how much energy may be going to waste in your own household by leaving lights on and turning lights on instead of basking in the sun light.

Please stay tuned for more tips on cutting energy costs in your home.

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