Mudgee residents, what can’t you live without?

Enjoying the sunWhen you think about what does/would make you happy, what do you come up with?  What you believe are the three most essential ingredients to happiness?  Well according to 12 years of university research and 29 survey studies, a Deakin University psychologist has discovered the golden triangle of happiness – the three key elements… and they might just surprise you.

You may find it surprising, but according to their research happiness has very little to do with how healthy you are, and despite the countless new years resolutions suggesting otherwise, it’s not reliant on what you weigh.  Children were shown to neither increase nor decrease overall happiness, and it has nothing to do with how beautiful, intelligent or well liked you are.  So what is it then?

Apparently the three things we need to improve our overall happiness are:

  1. A loving partner; someone to share your life with in an intimate way.
  2. A gross household income of $100,000; this number may vary depending on how many children you have and where you live, but it basically means you have enough to live comfortably.
  3. A social activity that provides a sense of purpose; people are apparently happiest when they’re active and involved in an activity with a social element.

Whether you’re sitting at 1, 2 or all 3 of these items on the happiness wishlist, we’d love to know your thoughts.  Do you agree?

What would you add to or remove from the list?

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