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We try to share as much real estate information as we can on the I Love Mudgee blog, because we believe that helping people to research and educate themselves in the language and processes involved in real estate is beneficial to helping them achieve their ultimate property goals.

So in this day and age where many of us are expected to be experts at everything whether it’s knowing our industry, being parents, finding our way around technology and social media, cooking MasterChef inspired meals or everything else, we would like to present REinsider – a free community resource from Professionals, offering hints, tips and up-to-date property information direct from industry insiders.

Whether you’re making decisions about buying, selling, investing and renting, the guides, information booklets and videos that are offered as part of REinsider can be used by anybody! Combine the forces of REinsider with our very own Showtime Magazine, and you’ll have just about everything you need to achieve your next property goal.

The website has all of the latest information and it is live right now – so jump onto www.REinsider.com.au (UPDATE: Link no longer active) and check it out for yourself.

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