TIPS: Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Our power bill keeps getting bigger, so we imagine that it’s the same for many households and businesses around Mudgee. So we thought we’d suggest some tips that might help you lower your electricity bill.

Take advantage of off-peak times – You can save electricity, and therefore decrease your electricity bill, by taking advantage of your energy company’s off-peak periods. Talk to your energy provider about options, or shop around for the best deal. Use off-peak times to run pool filters, recharge batteries and run your dishwasher or washing machine.

Turn it off instead of onto stand-by – Appliances that are left on stand-by instead of being turned off at the power point account for a large portion of our electricity usage. Big screen TV’s and computers use a lot of power when on stand-by, so try turning them off at the power point when not in use and see what difference it makes to your bill.

Try different methods of heating and cooling – We can be quick to put on the air conditioner or heater, but other methods such as rugging up and blocking draughts can be quite effective too. If you do have to run an air conditioner though, it’s more economic to run it at 24 degrees.

Check the energy efficiency – When shopping for new products, sometimes spending a little more on a more energy efficient appliance can save you bundles on your electricity bill. We find that researching products online before going out to buy them can save a lot of hassle, especially if you know the brand and model of the appliance you wish to purchase.

Take advantage of energy saving schemes – There are a number of energy saving schemes and sites that offer great information for businesses, families and individuals. Here are some of the ones that we think will help you –

NSW Energy Saving Scheme
NSW Government Energy Efficiency Strategy
Compare Energy Prices

Being vigilant and trying to save electricity can definitely help you cut back your bills, so give some of these suggestions a try and see if you can give your electricity bill a bit of a trim.

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