Thinking of Fencing Your Mudgee Home?

There are numerous variations on yard fences, so how do you know what suits your home best, and how do you go about erecting a fence around your home?

What you need to know before you start fencing your home:

1)      Council regulations apply to almost all fences, whether they be adjoining another residential property, land or street frontage. Check with the Mid-Western Regional Council to find out what fencing regulations may apply to you.

2)      Neighbour disputes can be caused by disagreements arising from common fence-lines, so if you’re thinking of fencing your home, you should always discuss with your neighbour before proceeding with the purchase or installation of a fence.

3)      Pets and children should be considered when constructing a fence – is the fence going to be used for containing animals and children in the yard? Can they get under or over the fence, or can the children reach any gate latches?

4)      The style of your fence can be limited if your home has a distinct style, or even covenants imposed by developers and estates. Firstly, have a look at the style of your home and secondly, make sure you’re able to construct your preferred style before proceeding.

5)      Use professionals when constructing a fence around your home, because improper installation can not only be dangerous, it may also be illegal depending on the type of fence. Think of your family’s safety and always use a professional.

6)      The right fence can definitely add value to your property, so consider what your investment might be worth when it comes time for you to sell – will spending more now, make you more down the track? Will spending less be just as effective?

These tips should get you started, and thinking about the issues that might arise if you jump in boots and all. Take your time when you’re thinking of fencing your home, because it can be a big job and one that you don’t want to have to repeat in the near future.

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