PS: Want Tips on Showcasing your Home?

Dear Mudgee property owners, buyers and sellers,

If a property in your street has just come onto the market for sale, chances are that you’ll be interested in how the sale goes, what the property is advertised at and ultimately what it sells for. Why? Because it may have a bearing on what your home is worth in the real estate sales market.

One of the great things about being a local real estate agency in Mudgee, is that we are blessed with one of the best regions in Australia (that’s what we think), to meet people and help them transition to their new home and lifestyle here in Mudgee.

Another great part of being in real estate, is that we learn lots of great ways to help people sell their home for an optimum price, so if you happen to see one of our letters in your mailbox, make sure you take notice, because there’s a bonus little offer at the end which may give you a competitive edge when it comes to selling your own home.

PS: As a special offer, local property owners are being offered a FREE copy of “Showtime”, an essential guide for property sellers with 101 ways to showcase your home. BUT, we’ve only been able to secure a limited number of free copies, so when you see that letter in your mailbox, be sure to contact us!

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