Mudgee Real Estate Tips – The 4 ‘P’s To Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your house in Mudgee, and would like to achieve an optimal return on your home, it’s important that you weigh up the 4 P’s of Property.

  • Position.

This is the ‘P’ you will have the least control over.  Usually if buyers are looking at your home they are interested in the area, but it may help to make a list of things you love about your street, neighbourhood and suburb that your agent can use when discussing your house with buyers.  Whether you’ve fallen in love with the fine wine, gourmet dining, safe playgrounds, picturesque golf course, brilliant schools, or boutique shopping,  buyers will no doubt appreciate your inside knowledge of the area.

  • Pricing.

The price at which your home first hits the market is crucial, as your property will attract the most buyers within its first 4 to 6 weeks of promotion.  Though ‘testing’ the market at a higher price may seem tempting, remember that you won’t get a second chance to impress.  Properties that are overpriced will usually generate very little buyer enquiry or interest and will take longer to sell (often at a lower price than a property priced right for the market); whereas houses that are underpriced will often leave buyers wondering what is wrong with the home.  When discussing pricing with real estate agents, ask for a list of comparable properties in the area.  Try to remain objective and compare your property to others as if you were in the market to buy.

  • Presentation.

If you’ve been regularly following our blog you would have already picked up tips for adding value to your home, sprucing up your front yard, styling your bathroom, styling your kitchen, presenting your bedrooms beautifully, impressing with a sparkling clean home, setting the mood for open houses, and staging your home for inspections.  Presenting your home for sale is the one ‘P’ you will generally have the most control over, and will also be the one that will help make your house stand out in the mind of buyers.

  • Promotion.

Once you’ve decided on the method you’d like to use to sell your Mudgee home, your agent will put together a marketing strategy to give your house maximum exposure and help you achieve the best possible price.  By following our guide for attracting buyers to your door you’ll be doing your best to help your house reach as many potential buyers as possible.

By using the 4 ‘P’s well you will effectively sell the lifestyle your home affords, hit the market at a competitive price to make the most of your house’s early popularity, present your home to impress, and reach a wider audience.  Each of these stages will help you to maximise the amount you achieve for your home, and ensure you’re able to move on without regrets.

If you would like more tips for selling your Mudgee home faster, you are welcome to pick up our free Showtime Guide at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office, which features 101 ways to showcase your property.

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