Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 7 ways to style your bathroom for sale

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve provided a few Mudgee real estate tips to help you present your home at its best when selling, and this week we’re going to concentrate on styling the bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and so it’s important that your bathroom leaves a positive, lasting impression on buyers.  To do this you should consider the following styling tips:

1. Cleaning should be the first priority. Don’t forget to clean any mineral deposits around tap wear – this can be done with vinegar or commercial cleaning products.

2. Arrange cabinets and draws with a minimalistic goal in mind. Clear away any personal items that are visible and dispose of old items.

3. Consider replacing dirty or worn shower curtains and clean and repair glass shower screens. (Extra tip: replacing tinted glass with clear can make a room seem much larger).

4. Fix any leaking fittings in the bathroom before property inspections. If your tap wear is old, replacing it will help lift the appearance of the room.

5. The bathroom, like the rest of the house, should be styled to appeal to the widest variety of buyers. If you have a colourful bathroom, you can soften any dominant colours by using towels that are neutral. If your bathroom already has a neutral colour scheme, you may like to add some character and depth by using cheerfully coloured linen. To give your bathroom a new and fresh feel, it may also be worth buying new linen.

6. If you’re looking to update your bathroom, painting can be an easy and inexpensive solution.

7. For a fresh smelling bathroom, use fragrant soaps or diffusers.

If you would like any more styling tips for your bathroom, or any other rooms in the house then you can pick up our free Showtime Guide at the Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office, which features 101 ways to showcase your property.

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