Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways To Best Present Bedrooms When Selling Your Mudgee Home

When selling real estate in Mudgee it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer. If you were looking to purchase a slice of Mudgee real estate, what would you be looking for?  We essentially all want the same things – spacious rooms, more storage, and to feel an emotional connection to a house.  Large living areas are easy, they’re already relatively spacious, but how can you help your smaller living spaces?  Here are our suggestions for presenting your bedrooms to appear at their best when selling your Mudgee home.

  1. You don’t need truckloads of cash to construct more space in bedrooms.  The simplest and most cost effective way to create a feeling of spaciousness is to de-clutter.  When styling our bedrooms we should all adopt Coco Chanel’s mantra, simplicity is the keynote to elegance.  Minimise wall hangings, use lighter colours, and pack away (or throw away) anything causing clutter.  Bedrooms with a resort style finish will help buyers to fall in love with your home.
  2. An ensuite is a real plus, but if instead of an ensuite you have a bathroom close by to your bedroom or a two-way bathroom, try to enhance the connection by using similar colours and themes.  For example, if you have coloured cushions on your bed, use the same coloured towels and bath mat in your bathroom.
  3. It’s no secret that buyers want storage.  If you have built-in robes, try maximising the amount of space in each by taking out the clothes that are out of season or haven’t been worn for longer than 3 months.  This should create more shelf and rack space, and optimise what you have.  If you don’t have built-in robes, consider putting some in if space and your budget permit.
  4. Include your children in the selling process.  If your children are old enough to understand the concept of rewards, and let’s face it, most children are well and truly tuned in to this concept from a very early age, consider making up games and rewards for their help in keeping their bedrooms clean and tidy.  Also, while you’re in the mode of de-cluttering, consider donating old toys and clothes your children have outgrown to your favourite charity.  Removing unwanted toys and clothes now will save you time down the track when you’re preparing to move.
  5. Walking into your bedroom to find a large portrait of you hanging on the wall, or an unusual painting by the window, can divert buyer’s attention and stop them from quickly warming to your home.  Removing personal and unusual wall hangings may help your bedroom appeal to a wider audience, and by packing them away, your favourite items will be all ready to go to your new home.

The rules are simple: de-clutter, keep things light, and stay neutral.  By sticking to these simple rules your bedrooms will present as spacious rooms with ample storage that Mudgee real estate buyers will be able to see themselves enjoying for years.

One thought on “Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways To Best Present Bedrooms When Selling Your Mudgee Home

  1. hannawebster

    Before buying any kind of property it is very necessary to make proper investigation about all the process to be done for this. De-cluttering is one of the best option to increase the value of home. All the ideas you have given about to increase the value of real estate property are good to know. Thanks a ton!!!


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