Mudgee Real Estate Advice – 7 tips to spruce up your front yard to sell

If you’re about to put your property on the Mudgee real estate market then it’s important that it makes the right impression on buyers.

The first thing that buyers notice is street appeal, and if your home looks good from the street then you’re likely to have people knocking on your door asking if they can see the rest of your home too.

So to make sure that your property is presenting at its best, here are some tips:

1. Driveways and paths generally catch the eye, so make sure yours are kept looking good by keeping them clean and clearing away leaves and weeds. Driveways and paths can benefit from a pressure clean and re-seal to lift their presentation too.

2. Make sure that unattractive items are kept out of sight. For example, keep garbage bins and kid’s toys away from view of the street and check for newspapers and junk mail regularly.

3. Check that your front fence and gates are secure and kept clean (a fresh coat of paint can make a great impression). The gate should also be well-oiled and easily latched.

4. Lawns, gardens and hedges should all be kept well-manicured while selling. If you have time then it’s also worth reseeding pots and garden beds with annual colourful flowers. Fresh mulch can refresh garden beds and minimise any weeds re-growing.

5. Clear gutters and repair any roof tiles or pointing that needs attention. Also ensure that your downpipes lead into the stormwater in accordance with council policy as this could show up in the building report.

6. Fix anything that’s broken outside – this might include windows, flyscreens, letterboxes etc.

7. A freshly painted front door with polished fittings and a new door mat can help make for a pleasing welcoming. Also make sure that your entrance is clear of cobwebs and that your doorbell works.

There are plenty more ways you can help improve your street appeal, so if you’re after any more tips on presenting your Mudgee property for sale, you can pick up our free Showtime Guide with 101 ways to sell your property for more. To pick up the guide you can contact us on 6372 2584.

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