Moving Tips for the Budget Conscious

Moving house can be more expensive than people realise. By the time you’ve bought boxes, tape, hired a moving company with two big blokes and then spent all of your energy coordinating everything, your precious time and money can been chewed away quite significantly.

Here are some tips we came across that we thought you might find helpful, especially if you’re moving on a budget!

  1. Sort out whether you’re going to keep, sell, give or throw things away. Only keep what you’re going to use in your new home.
  2. Time permitting, sell old belongings online or in a garage sale to make a little extra cash.
  3. Empty your fridge, pantry and freezer as much as possible by eating what you can.
  4. Contact your utility companies and service providers to advise of your vacate date.
  5. Pack it yourself, but start as early as possible so you’re not rushed to meet your moving deadline.
  6. Pack into things you already have, like suitcases, shopping bags, school bags, tubs etc.
  7. Use recycled boxes from friends or local businesses.
  8. Save newspapers or ask local newspaper or newsagents for old paper to wrap breakables.
  9. Ask friends to help, they’re generally cheaper than professional movers.
  10. Get multiple quotes if you’re going to use professional movers.
  11. Clean up as you go, it will make the final clean up after everything’s gone a bit easier.
  12. Have a plan for moving day – who takes what, when things need to be moved by etc.

Do you have any other moving tips you could share with readers? We’d love to help out as many people as we can, so feel free to share these tips or comment below.

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