Living Sustainably in Mudgee

We all want to try and do our bit for the environment, so it might be time that we all started to take more of an effort to live sustainably in Mudgee.

We can all make a few simple changes in our life that may seem small, but all help to make a big difference in the long run.

Here are some sustainable living ideas:

Recycle more – One of the best ways we can all be more sustainable is by cutting down on the amount of waste we produce. This can be done by recycling more, re-using items and by thinking about whether we need to buy the things that we do.

Choose natural household products – Do you use commercial cleaners in your home or business? If you do then it might be time to find a natural alternative that will be healthier for your family and for our waterways. Click here to read about some possible household cleaning alternatives.

Use cars less – A lot of people in Mudgee use their cars to get around, but could you substitute your car for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport? For example, you could walk or cycle or catch public transport. If you do need your car for travel perhaps you could consider organising a carpool to get you to and from work everyday.

Choose renewable energy – Choosing renewable energy sources helps reduce the planet’s reliance on coal. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the Mudgee region, but you might also like to visit to find out more about choosing renewable energy sources.

Can you think of any more lifestyle changes that can help the Mudgee community become more sustainable?

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