House Design Trends

You probably notice when you drive through new housing developments or see new homes being built, that they often look quite similar in design. Inside a home, you can sometimes tell the era that the home was decorated by the presence of shagpile carpet or orange laminate on the kitchen benches.

House design and decorating trends change continually and while it can seem like a great idea to use bold colours or follow trends of the time, it generally doesn’t take long for a new design trend to take over. If you’re decorating with the intention to sell sometime in the near future, it may be wise to stick to some neutral elements as well so your home doesn’t become dated to quickly.

Neutral walls with great artwork create a great sense of what’s “trendy”, without dating your homes interior. Timber floors are timeless and a great feature of a home if you’re looking to update coverings.

So if you want to sell your home in years to come, without having to update or change the style to suit modern buyers, it can be wise to avoid the more outrageous home design and decorating trends and stick to those that will be a feature of your home well into the future.

Remember it’s always best to keep to a single theme throughout your home, and to decorate and style it to the style of your home, especially if it’s a period home.

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