Decorating Tips for Mudgee’s Renters

Even when renting, it’s still important to make the place you live in feel like home.

Decorating is a little trickier when you are restricted by your landlord’s rules, but whether or not you can make changes to the property itself, there are still things that you can do to help make your rental feel more like home.

Here are some ideas:

–          First, find out what you can and can’t do. You might be surprised by the changes that your landlord will allow if you ask them.

–          If it’s just photos and pictures you want on your walls then make sure you put them up correctly. 3M hooks are probably the best solution as they don’t leave marks on the walls. Using thumbnails, screws or blue tack are all big no-nos.

–          You may be able to paint if you gain your landlord’s permission, but another way to change your walls is to use removable wallpaper or wall decals. These come in all sorts of colours and prints these days and can instantly transform a room. Just make sure you choose a type that will come off without leaving any marks.

–          If you just want to jazz up your rental home a little then why not add some colour through accessories. Rugs, pillows and table dressings are all types of home accessories that can be easily bought and yet can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of a home.

–          On the same token as accessories, think about your furniture. Buy furniture that suits your style and that is versatile in case you need to change rentals at any point. Often it’s the furniture that makes more of an impact than the walls and floors of the rooms they’re in, so if you have furniture you like, you’re likely to feel at home wherever you choose to rent.

Do you rent in Mudgee? Have you got any more decorating tips for fellow renters that you would like to share?

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