Clean Efficient Heating for Mudgee

We’re used to the smell of wood fires in winter, but with the world turning to eco-friendly alternatives for just about everything, is it time that local Mudgee home owners made the switch?

We wrote in mid 2011 about heating costs and touched on some of the alternatives to traditional energy guzzling and carbon producing heating methods, one of which was eco-fires, which can also be known as Ambience Fires or Mood Flames. What is interesting about these types of heaters is that although they don’t look like they’re producing a lot of heat, they can actually radiate significantly, and don’t require a flue or chimney.

Eco-fires are essentially an environmentally friendly, vent-free open fireplace fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products which burns cleanly. This means no smoke and no emissions that are harmful to the environment. One of the best features of these eco-fires is that they can be installed permanently inside the home, outdoors in fully-enclosed cases – or you can buy portable versions.

Some of the places we found online that supply eco-fires are below, but ask around and do your research, because heating your home with a more environmentally friendly source may save you money or time in the long run because you’re not maintaining a fireplace, chopping wood or adding to your gas bill.

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