Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Your Mudgee Home

Choosing the exterior paint colours of your home is an important decision to make.

The colour of your home has a big impact on people’s first impressions of it, so it’s crucial that you pick colours that look good, and suit the home and the neighbourhood.

Here are some things you might like to keep in mind when trying to choose new colours for the exterior of your home:

  • Look to your neighbours – Your home should fit in with the other homes on your street. You don’t want your home to have exactly the same colours as your neighbours, but try and choose colours that fit in harmoniously with the rest of the streetscape.
  • Consider existing features – Roofs, brickwork and garage doors are all types of permanent fixtures that should be considered when choosing colours.
  • Flow from the inside out – If you have already chosen your interior colour scheme then why not use the same or similar colours on the outside too?
  • Think about your natural surroundings – If your home is surrounded by trees and plants then these may be able to provide inspiration and guide you in your colour choices.
  • Think about what you like – Look through magazines and product guides and drive around your neighbourhood to find colours you like. Creating a scrapbook of your favourite colour schemes may make it easier for you to realise the colours and the looks that you like.

Hopefully the above helps provide you with some food for thought. If you’re still baffled as to which colours you should choose for your home, you can hire colour consultants to help you or you might even just like to visit your local paint store for some more pointers.

Happy painting!


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