Are You Planning A Summer In The Water?

If you own or rent Mudgee real estate with a swimming pool, it’s important to prepare for the summer swimming season ahead.  Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate would like to encourage everyone to take note of a few simple water safety tips that can help prevent dangerous accidents from occurring in our backyard pools, and ensure that our kids are playing safely this summer.

  • Supervise your children.  This doesn’t mean the occasional glance up from your book, or regular checks through the window while you continue doing the chores inside.  Active supervision means that your children (particularly those under 5 and/or unable to swim competently)  are always with arms reach of a responsible adult.
  • Restrict your children’s access to water.  Begin by installing a fence that meets Australian Standards.  Fencing should ideally isolate your pool from the house.  Any items that could be easily used by your child to form a ladder over the fence should be kept locked away.
  • Educate your children.  Take advantage of bath time and time in the family pool to introduce your child to water safety ad familiarity.  Getting your child used to water at a young age will help them to learn the risks associated with water, rules (such as never going near water without a grown up), and allow them to gain familiarity and confidence in preparation for swimming lessons.
  • Learn resuscitation.  Parents will often be the first on the scene if there is an accident at home.  When parents and carers know CPR they are able to provide valuable assistance while waiting for emergency services to arrive, and potentially save the lives of their loved ones.

If your Mudgee house has a swimming pool, see how it rates using this Home Pool Safety Checklist.  By putting a few simple measures in place you can help to make sure your family enjoys a fun, accident-free time in the backyard this summer.

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