Who Was Your Valentine?

Most people would know that yesterday was St Valentines Day, where we openly show our love and admiration for our significant other, or someone who we secretly admire. The build up to Valentines Day in Mudgee appears to have been quite large this year, with plenty of red heart shaped toys, balloons and of course flowers and teddies being delivered all over town.

One of the great things that we find about Valentines Day though is that local businesses such as Mudgee florists and restaurants do a roaring trade, which is truly great for the region’s economy. With the Reserve Bank keeping the cash interest rate steady at 4.25%, many homeowners won’t see a cut in their mortgage rate from banks, so it’s great to see that the people of Mudgee are still willing to splurge on something as significant as love on Valentines Day.

So, what did you get up to on Valentines Day? Did you go to your favourite restaurant? Get a bunch of flowers from a secret admirer? We’d love to hear some of the great experiences that the people of Mudgee had yesterday, so please share in the comments below (and give a local business a plug if they provided you with a great service or experience!).

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