Should Lovejoy Street be Reopened?

When we say reopened, we mean should it be made into a through road for traffic leaving the Mudgee CBD. The suggested change would mean that traffic would be able to travel along Lovejoy Street between Perry Street and Douro Street along Robertson Park.

Currently traffic leaving the Mudgee CBD in that direction can use Market Street, Mortimer Street and Perry street, however due to congestion concerns the Mid Western Regional Council is proposing to use Lovejoy Street as a fourth option to choose from.

As with any change to the community’s road infrastructure, there are pros and cons, depending on how the change will affect you personally. Residents are probably less likely to want the change because it will mean increased traffic along their street, however people travelling in the westward direction would probably benefit from spreading traffic amongst four streets rather than three.

The Mid Western Regional Council are requesting that the Mudgee public submit their feedback, including whether you’re for or against the proposed change to Lovejoy Street, and supporting reasons for your argument.

Submissions will close on the 6th of April 2012 and will be taken into consideration when Council makes the final decision. As we couldn’t find the appropriate link on the Council website, we suggest you contact Council to find out more about submitting your feedback.

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